About DNIA

Protecting people and assets.
Insurance is a vital component of a healthy business. It is necessary to protect your employees, customers and your hard-earned assets, as well as minimize risk. So while insurance is inevitable and oftentimes difficult to understand, especially when comparing policies, we think the way you buy it doesn’t have to be.
We are advisors, not agents.
We don’t have quotas. We aren’t motivated by commissions or promoting specific products. We’re not limited by offering one company’s products and we don’t sell by the numbers. Instead, we become experts on a variety of carriers so that we can provide valuable insurance advice, based on your unique situation.
Relationship first, insurance second.
Relationships build mutual trust. So the first thing we do is take time to get to know you and your business. Only then can we advise you of the options you may have, and offer solutions that best fit your needs. For example, if you are planning on increasing your production capacity in six months, as an insurance advisor that invests time in our relationship, we might advise policies that would allow for expansion. Unaware of your plans, a typical agent might only offer policies based on your current situation and miss opportunities for more appropriate coverage or value.
Knowledge is power.
We train all of our advisors to understand the fine print and nuances of different products and policies so we can offer you the best advice to maximize your coverage and minimize your risk for the best value. Then we take time to educate you so that you understand your coverage and feel secure.
A higher standard and a passion for service.
We believe in putting the needs of the customer first. While this ensures we are focused on them, it rewards us, too, with the knowledge we are operating with integrity: doing the right thing for the right reason. As advisors, we hold ourselves to a higher standard to stay informed so that we can best advocate for our customers.
Leading the evolution in insurance.
The insurance industry is constantly evolving. And so are we. As advisors with your best interests in mind, we are devoted to learning about new products and observing trends and cutting-edge developments, and being part of the evolution to better serve our clients.


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